Poletti Arredamenti, a long story of tradition and innovation.


The company was born 29 years ago, out of the professionalism and determination of brothers
Giuseppe and Francesco to manufacture furnishings for private residences.
Straight away, they specialised in the production of furniture intended for indoor use as well as
certified doors and windows, and simultaneously began to produce their first furnishings for
public premises.
Their production was characterised by the use of the highest quality materials, thanks to their
deep knowledge of wood and its uses – and the particularly sophisticated finishing that can be


In 2014 came the great turning point: the acquisition of a new production facility and the addition of machines for the working of metal for furnishings (steel, brass, copper, etc…) allowed the company Poletti Arredamenti to position itself within the circle of business leaders for quality and innovation in internal furnishings.
We work every type of material with the utmost care. The design stage and the capacity of our internal colleagues allow us to produce furnishings of high quality. Our broad production capacity now allows us to meet new challenges, counting on the use of multiple materials, and to produce all the components that are needed for the furnishing of spaces such as bars, bakeries, restaurants internally, without have to turn to external producers as many other companies do.

Quality manufacturing

We treat every material with the utmost care and attention. The design stage and the capacity of our internal colleagues allow us to produce furnishings of the highest quality

Innovation and experience

Technological investments made into the production line enable us to carry out every type of production with precision and craftsmanship and allow us to turn our attention both to internal markets as well as to the European market.